About Chef Hans

Chef Hans Friedmann has been over 15 years experience working in resorts, restaurants and ranches around the country. He has absorbed an abundance of techniques, taking a great deal of knowledge from each of his adventures.

Award Winning TalentIn December 2006, Hans had the opportunity to cook at the famed James Beard House in New York City. In 2008, he received a Grand Champion award in Stonewall Resort’s Cast Iron Cook Off competing against fourteen teams from three states in the regional area. This young award-winning chef is a joy to watch in the kitchen; at first sight his energy and passion are truly obvious. Taking advantage of local and seasonal ingredients is a main priority and his standards are sure to please.

Chef Hans has mastered healthy approaches to cooking. He also works with an extensive range of food cultures, such as Japanese, Indian and Thai foods, offering a delight to every pallet.

A perfectionist in nature, Chef Hans loves to cook for other people because he says “the reaction makes it all worth it.”

Livingston, Montana provides a wonderful playground for Chef Hans when he’s not preparing delicious food. Most spare time is spent exploring the great outdoors. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and rafting any river he can. Hans is always honing his skills and learning new things. Life in the kitchen is a world of constant education and inspires creativity, day after day.