_DSC9135aChef Hans specializes in creating a custom menu especially for you. He will work with you to find a menu that suits your event. Whether you are seeking regional, seasonal, or a trip around the world, Chef Hans can deliver.  Some people prefer to focus on entertaining their guests, rather than worry about the menu. Let Chef Hans can take the stress off your plate…and put some spectacular food back on it.

In home preparation, execution and clean up of your specially designed event. I offer this service for dinner parties as well as intimate dinners, where I put the “private” in private chef.

Ski Villas:
I’m cooking while you’re skiing. Hot meals when you return. Clam Chowder anyone?

Family Gatherings:
Reunions, anniversaries and birthdays benefit from wonderful food.

Intimate Dinners:
Surprise your significant other with a romantic alternative to dining out.

Destination Events:
Your needs away from home are taken care of. Weddings or vacations require beautiful food. I’ll travel to your destination for peace of mind at least when it comes to food.

These are stressful enough without the food shopping and all day kitchen work.

No time to donate at that local charity? I’ll go in your absence so you can concentrate on other necessities. Bake sales and Church events are much easier with chef leading the way.

Riverbank Lunches:
I’ll float to your lunch spot and make Dutch Oven specialties before you arrive! Beats a cold sandwich and bag of chips.

For new restaurants, or those looking got revamp, Chef Hans provides consulting services and knowledgeable advise, saving you or your business money.

Your vacation is just that a vacation, all is taken care of for you, from food shopping to cleanup. A custom culinary experience for your vacation. A day, week or month, the choice is yours. Enjoy your vacation as much as I enjoy having you.

First we learn then we eat. These are too fun! Informal and packed with laughter.

Dutch oven all the way! This is done outside with only coals and cast iron. An Old-fashioned delicious way of enjoying a meal .

An authentic pig roast is a catering experience that is hard to top. Pig roast catering works well with corporate events, reunions and home parties.